Friday, July 10, 2009

Aviator Trend & An Err Moment

So, I have been noticing something lately.... everyone is wearing aviators!!! Where have I been ? I need to go pick up a pair asap. Anybody recommend a specific brand? These are the photos I have come across that have inspired this spontaneous purchase :)

photo credit: Leslie Gilbert Photography

Photo Credit: Raw Photo Design

Photo Credit: Katherine Salvatori Photography

Have a great weekend everyone! We are still unpacking...errrr and I came home today from work to find our garage in the condo complex was broken into lastnight and they stole everyone's bicycles....except for, what does that say? I guess my bike wasn't cool enough? We have only lived here for 2 weeks...and already theft!


Jenny.Lee said...

Check TJ Maxx or Michael's for a pair. I always find good deals on accessories there. That stinks about the theft. Hopefully it doesn't happen again!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is not good. But at least you have your bike still. Only the strong survive, your bike must be very strong. Hehehe. Target has some aviators right now I think.

lola said...

I got my pair at Steinmart! I lose sunglasses so it was a perfect, cheap solution!

Candice said...

katie Salvatori did our photos and we found our sunglasses by googling cheap aviators...I think we got 3 for $7 and they were awesome, very durable and as you can see from the photos they reflected a great mirror image! PS not sure if you put 2 together yet but my now husband used to blog on 255 and counting, he loves your blog!


Nicole said...

omg!! this is THE candice and Landon! small world!! :) Congrats to the both of you!!!