Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Wedding- Bells of Ireland

Ever since I saw this picture of bridesmaids carrying lush Bells of Ireland I knew that is what my ladies were going to carry. It had the nature factor written all over it!

photo credit:Unknown

Just about every florist I talked to said it is a pretty hardy flower.
Well, about 25 minutes into our "First Look" photo shoot...I looked at the bouquets and OMG they were wilting! I mean, they looked like drooping plants! We even put them in water..etc...out of the didn't matter...they were done for. With about 20 minutes till the start of the ceremony my wedding coordinator called the florist and with 3 minutes to spare (literally) they were delivered and off they went walking down the aisle! I am so lucky that my florist was able to whip up some bouquets in that short about of time! I don't have any professional pictures of them yet! The picture below is from a guest. Regardless of everything...I LOVED how the green looked with their black JCrew dresses!

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I can't wait to see more of our professional pictures because at the end of the ceremony they were done for again!!! So, I made sure those Bells of Ireland were not in anymore shots for the rest of the day! Very disappointing...but I am just glad we had fresh bouquets for the ceremony. My bouquet lasted forever...Thank goodness! My amazing BM's were great sports about everything and kept telling me it was no big deal! Below is a picture taken by my friend at the wedding of one of the BM's bouquets.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Drey
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Lessons learned? Not sure! I really trusted my florist...I am assuming it was the humidity. The florist couldn't believe how fast they wilted. Even while I am typing up this post I am feeling frustrated about all of it! Us brides have been planning our wedding up to at least a year in advance and for something like that to very frustrating! Did anything happen during your wedding day that you still get frustrated just thinking about it?!

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Abbie said...

The pics against the BM dresses are amazing! I love the green. We are planning on using some BOI in our centerpieces. Maybe they wilted because they weren't in water? At least you were able to get back-ups in time, but I'm sure it was really frustrating!