Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Season!

As I was walking into Home Depot to pick out our official first Christmas hit me... This is our FIRST Christmas together as a married couple! Since we will not be flying home for the holidays we needed to decorate our apartment! This will be our Christmas this year! We get to pick out the tree... We get to pick out our ornaments.... We get to decorate our tree the way we want to... It is a lot of "firsts."

Since we live in LA, a fresh cut tree is out of question..too expensive! So, we went with an artificial tall slender tree! It was odd at first putting it together..but we are really happy with the results! Here are some pictures from our evening!

Kingston loves his new Christmas stocking! No, Little Man, those are not real bones!

We have a we purchased two stocking holders...they were 50% off at Michaels! The green stockings are from Target. The green matches perfect!

Target had a little bling to add...of course I couldn't say no!

Popped some pictures into the stocking holder frames! This picture was taken after our appointment with the florist!

The tree looked silly...then after some time..(I couldn't' believe how long it took) it started to look like a real tree.. Still had some work to do with positioning the branches....I love the height of the tree!

Throwing on some lights! We got the LED lights..They are a bit bigger..and brighter! Plus they are energy efficient! 9.99 for a box...but worth it. You can kinda see the tree skirt..that was also purchased at Target. Simple light brown with white snowflakes.

We plan on decorating the tree this weekend when my parents fly into town. At least I will be able to continue this tradition with my family!

So, who-else is having their First Christmas this year?!


Dean said...

Love the colors of your stockings..and the tree is well after my heart just like ours!!! Love Mom!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

How exciting! Enjoy these first's! How adorable is Kingston?? So cute!
Love the stocking holders!

Brittany said...

I love that color green! Can't wait to celebrate our first Christmas next year!!!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I wish I had done more green in my decorating!

We have NO ornaments so that's not so good! Your decorations look GREAT!

-Miss Pug

Hi, Lane said...

We are!! And it's so hard not to buy up a ton of decorations. I know I'll find a ton of stuff after Christmas for half the price, so I'm trying really hard to just get by with the basics!! Where did you find the puppy stocking? I'm looking for a dog & a cat one, but I haven't seen them anywhere.

Tracy said...

I love how you decorated your mantle....its looks really good.