Saturday, November 7, 2009


As many of my readers know...I went to Penn State! I have a huge heart for the blue & white and have soo many memories from a town called Happy Valley. Every time I see this commercial on TV I start smiling! There is just something about college football that makes me feel so young and happy!! I think Joe Paterno is hilarious in the commercial...especially at the end! I found a copy over at YouTube to share. (i believe this is last years) nonetheless you get the idea!

The Husband and I met at school and love to fly back to State College and simply walk around campus and reminisce. If you have been following, we incorporated a little PSU in our wedding day. Check out
the post on our PSU wedding details! Below is a picture of us with the Nittany Lion!

It is unfortunate that we will not be able to attend any games this will be the first time in...well at least 10 years. We were suppose to go to today's game but it just didn't work out. It can be frustrating living across the country at times ! There is just something about being inside Beaver Stadium..and the entire stadium is filled...with the student section packed wearing nothing but white (WHITE OUT!). The band is playing...and the air is fresh & crisp! Oh and did I mention that this all comes after the amazing tailgates!! Back in August, ranked us #5 for college tailgating! They don't call it Happy Valley for nothing folks! I found a picture from last year....we are ready to head into the game!

Are you attached to your college? Did you meet your Husband at school? Doesn't it make it just 10x's more sweeter to have that in common!!

Ya gotta love college football!!!

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Mrs. G said...

I totally know how you feel! I went to the University of Arizona and don't get back there for games often, hsuband and I are going to see them play at Cal next weekend. We didn't meet in college but it's still so much fun!