Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Pictures

Next month, I have setup a family picture! Me living in LA and the rest of the family back in PA has been very difficult lately. My parents are only getting older and well, so is my "little" brother! The only way to stop time is with a picture :)

I have been hunting for some inspiration shots with clothing ideas!! Which is always the toughest! I came across this shoot from Nicole Green's blog and I just love it! Below are a couple of my favorite shots.

I love the North Face jackets! My family has all different colors though! We will be taking pictures back in PA towards the end of September so it may be a bit chilly!

I really REALLY want to capture of shot like this of my parents!!

And..of course a couple of FUN shots!

To see more of these family shots click HERE and head over to Nicole Green's Blog.

Hmm...would be be too much to ask my Family to purchase black North Face jackets? :)

back to searching....

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Jenny.Lee said...

I can't wait to take family pictures this Fall! I really like the North Face jackets.