Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Wedding- Jewerly

Remember when I posted about my amazing earrings I snatched up for my big day? I was soo excited to wear them on my wedding day! In fact, this Sunday we have our TTD session in Malibu and I am so excited to be wearing them again! Below are a couple of good & clear pictures of the earrings.

Darin got me a gorgeous white gold bracelet as my wedding gift. I wear it all the time! I had no idea what he was planning on getting me!

Photo Credit: Sight Photography
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I wish I would have had some family jewerly to wear but unfortuantely our family didn't have anything special to wear. So, I found my own! I hope my Daughter loves my earrings as much as I do. Hmm..I wonder if I will share them?! :)

Are you wearing anything special on your big day?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful jewlery!

EJ & Roo said...

love the earings.
all of my wedding day jewelry was new as well so hopefully i can pass the pieces along to a daughter or my sister one day.
i was able to use 2 lockets that belonged to by deceased grandmothers -- my florist attached them with ribbon to my bouquet.

Jenny.Lee said...

Both pieces are gorgeous!

Hi, Lane said...

I'm sure your daughter/granddaughter will love them! My grandmother didn't have any daughters to get married, traditionally, so I was able to score her gorgeous white gold filagree earrings and my mom's drop pearl necklace. I would've never been able to appreciate my grandmother's earrings when I was younger, but I am so glad to have them now!