Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"It is very important to practice the "kiss" before you walk down the aisle!" I heard this several times..from family and our minister. At first I thought.. "how crazy!" but...after a bit of thinking...I am really glad we did! Keep it PG and allow enough time for the photographers!

Take a peak at my latest favorites!

I love how he dips her! What a lovely picture!

I love how h
e just wants to scoop her up in his arms...very romantic!

photo credits: Hazelnut Photography

I actually went and googled, The Wedding Kiss and several hits came up as to how to plan for the "perfect kiss." How silly! In the end, we are so glad we practiced! It came out very natural....here is a shot of our "kiss." This was taken by a friend..I'm too lazy to dig up our professional shots!

So brides to be...start practicing!! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


chelsea said...

what a great piece of advice for moi :) beautiful first kiss!

Anonymous said...

we practiced. i think mr. smith requested a little more practice than we needed, but oh well. we got it right on the big day!!

Future Mrs. H said...

Ahhhh I don't know how we are going to kiss! I don't want it to be awkward but I don't want to practice and then mess it up, haha. Cute pics!