Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blast From the Past!

When I was back east last weekend my Mother made me go through all of my old prom and homecoming gowns! I was really excited and nervous to try them all on! My Mom had the camera ready and we had a mini fashion show in the middle of the living room! Not the best quality images...but you get the idea of what they look like!

Ok, first up.... is my very first homecoming dress! It definitely needs a steam! Happy to report that it is a bit too big! My Date: Ryan

Next, my very first Prom dress! I still really love the color and style of this dress....and again...its a bit too big! My Date: Andy my 2nd Homecoming dress! I absolutely loved this dress....and still do to this day! I was able to wear it again for a college dance. I love how it criss-crosses under the arms. My Date: Colin

OMG...what was I thinking? This was for a winter formal dance...ugh..happy to discard! I think I purchased it for like 20 bucks! My Date: Kevin

Another Prom dress...I loved this gown! This picture doesn't really show the true beauty of the dress...I remember this dress was a bit pricey... My Date: ohh forget..but i can picture him! Oh his name is Christian!!

Here is a shot from the back....

Oh another homecoming dress! Not very crazy about it..I remember when I found go! My Date: Kevin

Prom dress! This was probably the most expensive dress I ever purchased! It has gorgeous rhinestones around the waist...I loved the slit! The color made me look so tan! But I must admit, this dress is huge on me! What happened? My Date: Kevin

So, in the end we are donating the dresses...I hope they find another good home and make another girl smile! These dresses brought back several memories and I am so glad I had one last moment with them :) and yes, Kevin and I went to several dances together!


Nicole-Lynn said...

That's too funny you are able to still fit in them :) I still have my prom dress :)

lola said...

I love this post! :) I think my fave is the prom dress with the date whose name you can't remember. Also -- congrats on trying on all the dresses and discovering that they are TOO BIG! :D That would make my day!

EJ & Roo said...

there's no way i could fit into my prom dresses!!
great idea to donate them!

Newlywed Next Door said...

This is hilarious... I still fit into my prom dresses -- but they are so not my style now -- to "princessy". I tried to donate them to goodwill last time I was home and my mom had a hissy fit - so they arei n her attic.

Your dresses are great - I can definitely see the style you favored. The white one is very "greek godess" -- good halloween costume maybe?

Jenny.Lee said...

I have no idea where my prom dress went. I know my sister used it for a pageant but no idea where it went after that!