Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Wedding- The Invitations-Final Product!

I just realized that I never shared the final product of our invitations! My good friend and bridal attendant Teresa designed my beautiful stationary. Right from the beginning I wanted something simple and cheap to mail! We started the design process back in the Fall of 08! Every time I would fly home, Teresa and I would meet up! Oh, it was so much fun!

Did you notice how the invitations match the placecards, programs and the seating chart? :)
I LOVED how it all matched!!

Here are a couple of pictures of our reply postcard.

They had three meal choices...each represented by a cute little graphic!

I received everything
the weekend of my amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party! I put a few together to personally handout at the shower. I just couldn't wait to show them to everyone! Here are a couple of shots of my mini work station! I had to make space and move my Mothers decorative stuff out of the way :)

To jazz the invite up a knotch, I added a black band around the invite. I went to Michaels and purchased black cardstock and cut several strips! It also held the invite and reply card together.

In the end, they were exactly what I wanted! I have several left over and I think I may just make a couple of ornaments for this Christmas! I posted this DIY project back in April (wow, time goes by fast!!) and thought it was such a cute idea!

Lessons learned? I might have added an additional card with lodging info/directions. We had several phone calls from those guests who do not use a computer! We did put together a wedding website with tons of information. We had several hits a day..and tons of sweet messages :) BTW, I totally recommend setting a web page up for your guests!

Below, is a picture of the talented Teresa and Moi!

photo credit: Jeremy Drey (aka Teresa's fiance)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Heidi said...

They look great!!!

chelsea said...

Those are awesome! very fresh.

{ Joy } said...

they look amazing! :) Love the colors

Future Mrs. H said...

those are gorgeous!

Teresa said...

It was so much fun to design these for you, Nikki! Soon I'll have these invitations up on my portfolio site, and I'll share the link with you when I do. Can we pretend that you need invites again so we can meet up for coffee every time you're home? :)

jessica lynn said...

what a lovely suite! :)