Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shoes!! Part 1

So, I really wanted to be one of those brides with bright colored shoes under the dress...but the fact is...since my dress sports a little would totally take away from the elegance of the dress.. BUT! Since I am wearing a 2nd dress, which will be worn during the reception..I figured that was my chance.

After months of looking....I did come across several gorgeous pairs of heels...the only problem is...the heel would be too high or too $$! Since I am a therapist...I strut in a pair of nice New Balance sneakers daily...for years! High heel shoes..well haven't always been my best friend. We really don't get along that well... especially at the end of the evening... I was not about to have that ordeal during one of the most memorable days in my life :)

The searching came to a halt...when I stepped into DSW Shoes...and tried on several pairs of Nina Shoes...and soon as I saw these cuties I was sold... They were a nice height and they had an adorable little bow. When I tried on my 2nd dress at the store, the assistant told me to throw on a pair of black heels...and I did...and I was heels actually made the dress so stylish!

Are you going with the latest trend? Color heels?


Adrienne said...

Cute shoes!! I am def going with colored heels, I don't care if it is a trend I love it!! :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Those are so cute. I did wear colored shoes!

Jamie said...

I am so wearing colored heels. In fact, yours look just like the ones I bought, but mine aren't Nina. And mine are pink!

MaddehTM said...

I love the black shoes!
And white ones!

wow.. such great pairs