Friday, March 6, 2009

Wrap it Up!

When I fly home at the end of March I will be making a stop at my florist. I will be finalizing everything {yikes} and the last little detail I need to figure out is if I want to add anything to my bouquet. I have come across several different options!


2. 3.


There are many different styles...My favorites are option 1 & 2. I also love the idea of a locket... hmm..

What are you doing for your bouquet? How did you decide what you wanted? Did anything influence your decision? I'm looking for something vintage for my bouquet... any suggestions? Is there someone who sells bouquet wraps?


skywind said...

I also like 1 and 2. We get the impression very elegant.

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Jenny.Lee said...

I agree, 1 and 2 are my favs. You could add a vintage locket or cameo...

Nicole-Lynn said...

1 & 2 :)

Lindsay said...

Hi Nikki! Just a comment from my own florist - She warned against leaving the ends of the stems exposed, because if they touch your dress sometimes they stain!! Since these bouquets tend to get heavy, it would be hard to avoid letting it touch the front of your dress. Anyway, I am actually using a Cameo that once belonged to my great Grandmother as well as my grandmother's engagement ring as part of the wrap :)