Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Before we set our date...picked a venue...it was decided early in the planning that we wanted an adult only wedding/reception. I appologize if this offends some people and makes absolutely no sense..this is our decision. {that was bold, so unlike me!}

One major reason why we are going this route; $$ & $$. Hopefully when the day comes..the parents will look at it as a night without the kids and to have some fun together!

This was a very hard post to type up today...I just feel regardless of how we approach it....someone is going to be upset...but then I think...."We are paying for that whole day, this is our day!" We also sent out our STD's very early in advance and I put up a little blurb in our website stating the adult only wedding. I also feel we have done a good job spreading the word verbally to our guests so they have plenty of time to find someone to watch the kiddies.

What made me think to write this today?? Well, I was checking up on my daily Hazelnut Photography Blog and came across these adorable "details" for children at a wedding...if we were going this route..especially having an outdoor reception..or a farm wedding.....I mean how adorable are those lolipops?!

Are any of you opting for an adult only wedding? Feeling bold today?


Jenny.Lee said...

We made the same decision! Zane's sons were included in the ceremony which was very special but afterwards they were taken to the babysitter's with the rest of their cousins. I don't regret it at all, it was totally worth it.

Jamie said...

The best I could get was no non-blood related children. That only leaves about six of my and my fiance's cousins. I agree, it is definitely a money saver. Especially when you think about how little a kid will eat and drink!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your decision isn't a bad one, everyone has different tastes and a different vision for their wedding. :)

L J said...

We made the same decision but have been in a fight with family and friends since,.....but we are sticking to our guns because like you we are paying for it.

Thanks for being bold

yours truly... said...

I would do the same thing in a heartbeat!! I love kids, but they can be a big distraction, plus, it's your day, you get to do what you want to do!!

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