Wednesday, March 4, 2009


When it came to figuring out which way to go with seating...there was a million different ways to go about it! Since we must show the servers which meal option each guest requested..I must do cards at each setting. The other obstacle that I had to work with is the limited space to put all placecards without being blown away...etc. At the venue, the coordinator showed me the area that is typically used for placecards and at first sight I did a little yikes...It was directly aside of the door! A million thoughts..."blown away" or "knocked over" omg... So, it will be a little extra work but {sigh} I will do a chart and placecards. I think having the board will keep things simple too!

My inspiration seating board:

We will be having many more tables but I love how simple it is. I absolutely love the frame. It is classy yet sticks with the theme of nature. I found these pictures from Once Wed. Now my next task is to find a frame like the one above but a bit larger.

The placecards have already been designed and need a couple adjustments but this can give you an idea. I really love the three little characters:)

My placecards:

Since I will already have a chart with which table they are at I will remove "table" and I think move my cuties over to the left. Then, simply circle which meal they choose. I have already asked Jessica, from Penned & Pretty to do all the caligraphy for the placecards! Please give design credit to Teresa VanWagner. I also think..the green on the placecards will give a little color to the table.


Jenny.Lee said...

I think those cards will look very pretty!

Amanda B. Young said...

Love the placecard design! So fun and bright! And, I'm sure Jessica's touches will leave them flawless! Can't wait to see!

jessica lynn said...

cannot wait to get them in my hands!!! :)

skywind said...

Design your very good. Gives the impression very deep. :)

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Nicole-Lynn said...

They look so pretty... can't wait to see what they look like with the calligraphy writing on them!