Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Very First!

Yesterday my neighbor sent me a text saying, "You have a very big package sitting outside your door!" huh...? I didn't order anything that big! But then, once I saw what the box said...a huge smile splashed across my face! It seriously felt like Christmas morning :) Our very first wedding gift! One of my Mother's friends sent it (to California) knowing how difficult it will be for us to get stuff back out west. I immediately called the Fiance to tell him the good news and with him on the phone I opened the gift!! I love C&B!

Little man had to smell the gift! Wow, after receiving our official first wedding gift...it is definitely making it all feel real!

What was your first wedding gift?



Nicole-Lynn said...

Aww so cute your little man was sniffing it to see what it was! haha!
How exciting!
Well, what was it? :)

Jenny.Lee said...

How exciting!!! I love C&B!