Saturday, March 14, 2009

Reply Cards

I wanted something simple for the reply cards. Postage was another concern. So, when it came time to decide we went with a small postcard. I think they are absolutely adorable, especially with my "cuties" as meal choices.

Back Side:

I decided to use, "WILL MISS A PARTY OF A LIFETIME!" I wanted to stay traditional, yet with a little uniqueness for the reply remarks.

Front Side:

I blurred out the info that's why it looks a little odd :) I am so happy with them and I hope they put a little smile on all of our guests! Please give design credit to Teresa VanWagner.

Happy Saturday!


sueh725 said...

These are very much you..
Quite lovely!!!

Taryn said...

cute reply cards.

Beautiful header photo. Gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Hi there!!

I don't have a blog - but follow way too many! I'm another Central PA blogger - originally from Hanover and went to school at LVC - I was reading through your blog tonight - and saw that you were having your shower at Lisa's! One of my favorite places :)

I promise I am not a stalker :) I just found it ironic that I recognize so many places you mention - your venue is gorgeous!

I am getting married in the poconos next June.

Feel free to email me if you would be interested - it might be interesting to talk to someone else from the area, even though it looks like you are currently living in LA!


Nicole said...

Hi Sarah! I am unable to access your email/profile..etc.

Small world!!

Maddox&Leiah-BEAR said...

I like how it has a cow, chicken and a vegetable on it. LOL