Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ring Shot!

So, during my incredible boudoir shoot...Jordana took a couple shots of my ring! I have yet to have any pictures of my ring so I soo appreciated it! She took a couple of pics of the ring with my face in the background..very soft pictures..I wish I could share those with all of your but they are rather a bit not appropriate to post!

Oh, my pretty ring! I love my ring!!!

I received my cd full of images today!! Now, seriously..how am I going to really keep this from the Fiance? Good thing he is out of town this week! :) So the next couple of days I will be putting together my boudoir book with all of my favorite pictures...again...if I haven't stressed it enough...EVERYONE SHOULD DO A BOUDOIR SHOOT!!! Its soo much fun! If you are in the Los Angeles area..I know of a great photographer :)


Jenny.Lee said...

Your ring is seriously gorgeous!

Amanda B. Young said...

Your ring is just lovely! I'm sure the boudoir shots are too -- he's a lucky man!

Mojito Maven said...

Thanks for playing. You get the letter A.