Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rosette & Matt

I came across these gorgeous photos from Hazelnut Photography's blog. There was just something about this wedding...that caught my attention. Was it those beautiful roses? Or that look in the brides' eyes? Regardless, I had to share these with all of you! There are more photo's from this lovely wedding in the blog! This bouquet definitely makes a statement! Do you notice how the white roses are tight/closed...the red roses are open? I have never seen anything like it!

A Father seeing his beautiful Daughter for the first time in her wedding dress!

The bride peeking out..looking at all the guests...possibly catching a glimse of her groom!

I just love that red rose in her hair!

What a darling photo! They tied the knot at Rancho Capristrano in California! Gorgeous venue!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


Jessica said...

hey nicole! i saw your comment on penned & pretty and i wanted to let you know that i didn't get your e-mail about your placecards!!! i hope that it didnt go to my spam folder and get deleted! gah! try sending it again: jessicalynn402 {at} gmail {dot} com i would obviously love to work with you!

Amanda B. Young said...

That is a gorgeous wedding! I've never seen anything quite like that combination of open + closed roses either. Beautiful and so different!