Monday, February 23, 2009


The honeymoon is done! Secrets Maroma Resort and Spa is where we will be spending a fabulous seven nights! This resort is not even a year old and has had some pretty good reviews. Last summer we went to its' sister resort, Secrets Capri, (which I totally recommend).

Why did we decide Mexico? Well, first was cost and we also wanted an all inclusive. My Mother is a travel agent and had traveled to many places and just recently did a couple day tour in Cancun-Riviera Maya to several resorts. This is how we chose Secrets Resorts for last summer's vacation.

An adult only resort, was also top on the list. Personally, I have been to several resorts and cruises...and after going to my first adult only resort, I'm not sure if I could ever go back! Well, maybe if we ever have kids :) It was very quiet and relaxing! Also, with these resorts there is a no wristband policy!

We also decided to go one month after the wedding for our honeymoon...since we are having an East Coast Wedding :) it is just a little too much for us! Plus, we saved about $700 dollars going 1 month later...We will be going to a hotel near our venue for two nights to have a mini-moon :) So we can sorta have that "newlywed" feeling! Then back to Los Angeles!!

Photos: Secrets Resorts

Oh, I am so excited to get there! Dig my feet in the warm sand and sip on a mohito!!


Adrienne said...

That place looks amazing!! We went with an all inclusive as much less to worry about that way!

Nicole-Lynn said...

That sounds so nice! Lucky you!

Jenny.Lee said...

Your honeymoon spot looks amazing! Great pick!