Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last Saturday, I drove down to the florist (1.25 hrs) from home...which was the day after my bachelorette night! I did good though!

I was seriously stressed out..on the way down..thinking in my head exactly what I want..did I bring the right pictures...colors..etc...The last time I went down, I new that I really liked Megan..but I wasn't sure if we were on the right page... Well we are now! {deep breath}

I am absolutely in love with the groomsmen flowers! She even made it for us so we could see what it would look like exactly! 3 kermits 1 bell of ireland with a little greenery in the back to soften it up. My Mom held it up to her shirt..we didn't have anything to create a black backdrop. Should we add black ribbon to the bottom or keep it all green?

For every other table we will have something that looks like this. White hydrangea..only!

Those other tables will have a large candle with a small arrangement. These will be done by me! I figured I could handle these! Plus it saves me over 50% doing it myself.

For Moi! I found a gorgeous bouquet online from the very talented Allie, from Flower Allie in Orange County. I had to make two changes..but that was it and my bouquet was complete! I can't wait to see it in person! I simply emailed Allie requesting what flowers she used..and she was very helpful! If you have a minute...take a peak at her site!


jessica lynn said...

1. keep the bout tape green...i like it!
2. looooove the look of the all white hydrangea centerpieces...cant wait to see how they turn out! are you going to use my ribbon tutorial to tie the ribbon on the vases!?!? ha!

SheLikesToTravel said...

I agree with Jessica... especially if the guys are wearing black. Very pretty.