Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For the first 5!

The FI and I drink white wine for all special occasions! A good cold Sauvignon Blanc is our favorite! So, soon as I saw this picture below I jumped right to it! The guests write a message to the couple on each wine box. Then the couple will open 1 bottle on their anniversary for the first 5 years of marriage!

I figured this would be a great project for my Father to tackle. They ordered 5 like the picture below and painted them in a satin black. All I need to do is make some numbers for them and purchase a silver marker!

This will be something we will definitely look forward to for the first fabulous five!


Jenny.Lee said...

I could use a glass of wine right now!

jessica lynn said...

love this idea!

Anna said...

what a great idea!!

Teresa said...

Jeremy and I have done that as a present for a few of the weddings we've attended. We actually did three bottles: one for the 1-year, one for the 10-year and one for the 20-year. The latter two wines were chosen specifically because they aged well and would be at their prime at the 10 and 20 year markers...but if they were opened early, they tasted bad! So it pays to be patient!