Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, I figured I take this time to shed the spotlight on my bridesmaids! I am still in awe about all the love and thought that was put into my special weekend! Each I met each of my bridesmaids during a different time in my life...which makes it extra special.

I decided to start with Danelle... I met her in middle school and she seriously owned every pair of Umbros!! I was so jealous... :) She was also an amazing softball player...she went on to play in college. The memories from high school ...ohh there are too many to jot down but I always smile when I think of those days. I still don't understand how we got away with so much!

Danelle got married in 2006 and had her 1st adorable little boy May 2008. She is a great Mother and I am so grateful for her to be part of my big day. Her husband who is a doctor, is currently serving our country and we pray for a safe return in July.

Here is a picture from the bridal shower!

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