Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Life Conference

Last Friday the Fiance and I took off to Woodland Hills for a weekend conference to focus on our relationship and the preparation for marriage. I heard from a friend a while back about how much they enjoyed it and how they make it a point every year to go to refocus on their marriage.
What conference am I talking about? It is called a "Weekend to Remember," hosted by Family Life. Now, as you head over to the site..please keep in mind you don't have to be married to attend...nor engaged. The conference was actually started for people thinking about getting married. There were about 500 people in atttendance...and about 15% of us were not married.

We didn't feel out of place...infact we were commended for coming...and it was nice to talk to other couples in our situation...preparing for marriage and finding our oneness. It was also nice to chat with couples with many years of experience.... over all it was a refreshing weekend.

At the end of todays session...they had all the married couples stand up...face one another and renew their vows...I must say..this was such a touching moment...We left today feeling closer...and understanding the clearer message of marriage. Oh, and exhausted! So much wonderful info!

If you are thinking this might be something that interests you....send me a message...I'd love to share!! We also left with tons of valuable books to read! I will share more later!

I had to add a pic! From our trip last summer in Mexico!! Take me there!!

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Adrienne said...

We are going to this conference later this year so I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it!!