Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SpotLight 3

Lastly, my MOH! I met Christy at PennState Mont Alto. Seriously...these were some of my favorite college memories. We were both in the health field...lived across from each other.. Again, as I think about all the fun we had...I smile! She is a complete sweetheart and has always been there for me..our late night chats...and that one night at whiskey mountain!!! She has also taught me a few things to keep me organized... :)

She tied the knot in St. Thomas in 2006! It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful ceremony! Our resort was perfect and it was so much fun to spend time with her before she married her man! She just had a precious baby girl in December and is a remarkable mom. I am very honored to have her as my MOH and stand aside me as I get married.

So, these are my three ladies! A friend from middle school....a friend from my summer job...a friend from college...I am so happy to have a friend from different chapters in my life. A huge thank you to you all for all your help and I am so excited to spend my big day with you!

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