Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcoming Your Guests!

My friends decided to have their wedding reception in Newport Harbor on the Majestic. On our way there we were having a hard time figuring out where it was and hoping we wouldn't drive by it! Traffic was not very friendly that day. There were a ton of weddings going on :) Then all of a sudden I saw a young man holding a yellow balloon pointing to a sign! We found it!! I couldn't snap a picture that fast..


 He was very nice to turn the sign around and let me take a proper picture! He was having a good time flagging everyone down... I must say, it was a nice personal touch!

 Our wedding was held in the middle of nowhere... so simple wooden signs were assembled and positioned on the curvy road! Maybe having someone up the main driveway to answer questions about parking etc would have been nice? I know we appreciated this young man's help and his excitement! Just another way to add some personalization to your day.

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Lyndsie said...

I have a little surprise for you over at my giveaway blog! : ) Hope you are having a wonderful day!