Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today at work, one of my co-workers flagged me down to check out a car parked outside... Well, I had to take a picture and share with everyone!  This was taken in Santa Monica, Ca. Click to enlarge to read.

Do you see the flowers attached to the hatch back? I had to laugh at first..but was curious and clicked on over to their website.  They have been in business since 2002..serving the Los Angeles County. They perform a variety of services and renewel of vows. Check this picture out below...This couple tied the knot 4500 feet in the air! They seriously go out of their way to get you hitched!!

Then I came across a seperate section called; "Rose Pedal BikeWeddings." The Bride & Groom  and guests hop on bikes and go to a special location where the ceremony is to be held. Talk about going green and enjoying the beautiful coast of Southern California!  Steven Lam Photography was there to cover the Rose Pedal Bike Wedding of Jason & Erica. Click here to read more about their special day.

Photography Credit: Steven Lam Photography

Click here to get more ceremony details! They even have a facebook page dedicated to Rose Pedal Bike WeddingsThis would be a creative way to celebrate a 5 year anniversary by renewing your vows on the coasts of Venice Beach or Santa Monica... Ideas are rolling in my head...

So, WOW! Look at all the info I just got from spotting a car parked outside my job...  I believe their advertising is working :) 

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Nicole:

I'm Elizabeth Oakes, proprietrix of and owner of the World Famous MarriageMobile! Thanks for your lovely blogpost about my work; glad you got a smile out of it, too. Hope I can be of service sometime!