Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Vacation

We had a very nice time with the family! The time went way too fast...and before you know it I'm here typing up this post! Here are some pictures from our trip!

This is the view from our beach fort!

The sand was soo nice...and we were able to ride our bikes up and down the coast. 

Look how shallow the water is! Darin is pretty far out! It was absolutely gorgeous...

Since the water was shallow...along with tiny waves..I had a blast in the ocean! I normally stay far away from the unpredictable waves..but not this time! The water was about 80 degrees...

We took lots of walks on the beach at night... the sky was gorgeous and of course we had the opportunity to get an adorable shot with the pups!

 My absolute favorite part of the trip was spending time with my parents!! It was super hard to say goodbye on saturday... SUPER hard.

It's a small just so happen that my God Parents were down vacationing at the same time! So, we all went out for a good seafood dinner. It was so nice to see them!

I had to laugh when I saw this sign..."Flipflop Elegance."

On Friday night we had some family portraits done with Jamie Blow Photography. Jamie was a ton of fun and we are super excited to get some sneak peaks back! It was a bit stressful at the beginning getting my family into having this done..but at the end I got a big thank you of appreciation of getting everything together. I will definitely share the pictures once I get my paws on them!

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Mrs. Bear said...

Love the photos!! Looks like a great trip filled with memories =0) I look forward to seeing your prof family photos!