Monday, August 2, 2010


This was my first wedding that had a photo booth! It was super fun and if your budget allows I totally recommend it! Here are a couple pictures from the evening on board the Majestic!

They had small chalkboard frames...So we could write whatever we wanted! Super cute.

Next, this is me and my hubby...he injured his mouth approx 2 months prior to our wedding day. A huge tree limb came flying up and sliced his lip. So, he attempted to "pucker" his lips and well..they gave out at the last second! His injuries could have been much more serious so we are super lucky they weren't!
So, now we have this hilarious picture...poor guy! :D

My friend Karen, who is from the East Coast...well we couldn't resist representing! Can you read what our boards say?!!

Our friends were in the bridal party..and they looked amazing all done up!

Lastly, they had some good poses!

The company Anna & Josh used were Party Booths! Check them out!


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

We did this and I did a HUGE post filled with massive photos from our booth on my blog. It was like my favoritist thing about our wedding :) I love these pics. So great! Thanks for sharing. And sorry about hubby's lip injury :(

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw your poor hubby! The last pic is cute :)

I think photo booths are a great idea, unfortunately I had a friend that had photo booth overkill she had a flip book station where you pose and a group of ladies make a flip book, and then she had an actual photo booth while they were great and fun at the wedding NOBODY danced.. it was so bad. It's nice to have these extra's but not too have too much of a good thing :)