Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Dazzling Send Off

I am currently loving the sparkler send off ! They make the best pictures... I mean besides 4th of July, when else can you play with beautiful sparklers?  Now, I am currently taking some photography classes and there is a lot to know. The only way to get better is with tons of practice. When the Bride asked me to take pictures of their send off I think my heart froze.. I was soo thrilled that I was asked but at the same time not sure I could pull it off... Keep it in focus...check the lighting... what is my shutter speed? But I got at least 1 good shot! Few.. I would have liked to have gotten her entire dress in the shot...but everything happened way to fast!  Hey photographers out there.. any suggestions for shooting night time...with sparklers?

Photography by Nicole Stefan

Here are a few more of my favorite photographer's ahh-mazing skills with sparklers!

Do you plan on having some dazzle for your send off?

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Amanda B. Young said...

Hmmm yes, shooting a sparkler send-off is hard. Here are my tips... (1) expose for their faces, (2) use a flash as fill light, (3) check your exposure ahead of time by practicing on some faces of people waiting for them to come out... and (4) take a deep breath. :)

But, I like the shot you did get! :) Want to see more of your work! Hope this helps! xo.