Monday, August 9, 2010

Thumb Print Family/Friend Tree

This was the first wedding I attended that had a thumb print family/friend tree! It was definitely a big hit! I went online and found several on Etsy! Your guests use their thumb to make a leaf on the tree!

This print was found over at Your Keepsake Company

Here is a good shot in action! This tree is a little different in design and 

If you have a talent for drawing, why not create one yourself? This could also be used for a bridal shower.. Since my friend Anna is an amazing artist she simply whipped up a tree for her big day! It turned out you can see below!

They had a sign with instructions along with small leaf ink pads and cleaning cloths. 

The Husband and I went with the blurb guest book...but after seeing this...not sure which way I would have went..or maybe have done both!

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