Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Portraits Delivered!

It was a bit windy at the beginning of the we found a little area to get low! I believe we found the perfect spot!

 Then we pulled out some special letters!

It added such cute detail! 

I couple of tears... rolled down my cheek..this is exactly what I wanted!

Jamie, actually brought along a huge gorgeous frame... and I couldn't say no!

Then we decided to have a little bit of fun!

This next shot... was a little tricky...for some reason it was hard to be in mid-air all at the same time! :) Father...such a good sport!

These are just a few that Jamie posted on her Facebook page..I am very anxious to get my paws on the rest! The pictures were taken at Sunset Beach, SC. All photography by Jamie Blow Photography. 

I am definitely all smiles today!!!


Mrs. Bear said...

THESE ARE SO COOL!! I love love love them!

Hilary Lane said...

The pictures are awesome!!

mommy mye said...

awwww...these pics are GREAT :) makes me want to have a family pic now, hmmm...anyways, love, love, love the pictures!!!

Jenny.Lee said...

These are all so good!

EJ & Roo said...

LOVE these.