Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Tower

I am on the hunt for a cupcake tower to use for a birthday party coming up! Then, I found "The Cupcake Tower." The company was created by two sisters back in 2009. They provide four different sizes along with different colors of ribbons to accent your event's theme. Take a peak at a couple customer's pictures!

A simple two tier tower. This size holds up to 32 standard size cupcakes. This size would be perfect for birthdays & parties!

Three tier towers can accommodate up to 72 cupcakes.

The four tier towers which is also their medium size can hold up to 128 cupcakes. 

Lastly, 5 tier stands which is also the largest size they create accommodates up to 208 standard cupcakes!  Here is a picture showing exactly what the stand looks like. It folds up flat and easy to transport.

All pictures taken from The Cupcake Tower Blog. Take a click over there... They also have a facebook page! I will keep you in the loop if I decide to purchase a tower from this company! 

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