Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding Signs

We created "Wedding" signs to help our guests locate our venue. They were extremely easy to make and added a little detail to our day. We used left over stuff in my Father's wood work room. Seriously, it probably took 15 minutes!

I was recently searching on Etsy and came across several "elegant" signs. The only downside...they cost money! I found these over at The Wooden Owl's Shop. $45.00 for a set of two.

The also have a stand which sells for $25.00, which is shown below.

They are custom designed for your special day! I think they are adorable...but what exactly would you do with them afterwords? To be completely honest...we left our signs at the resort by accident!

Any suggestions? Regardless, they would add a special touch to your big day!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

I love the look of wedding signs. I definitelyl think they add personalization and charm. We're planning on making ours too. It's not something I'd spend a lot of money on either :) Yours turned out great!