Monday, May 3, 2010

Support OPI

So, yes I am that girl who always has her nails painted...It's "ME" time....I enjoy every single minute of my pedi/mani :D But I enjoy it even more when I can support a cause at the same time! For the past two years OPI has created a nail polish to support Lung Cancer. They have made a nice donation to the Lung Cancer Foundation of America! So, go and pick up a bottle and wear this adorable polish to show your support!

On another note, I am currently loving these lines of pink! Perfect for any bride!! On my wedding day I sported a pretty pink polish on my toes!

Not sure how these colors would look on? Hop on over to OPI's site where you can play around with all the colors! Click on "try on this color." I know some colors are a bit too "wild" or just not your style..but you may be surprised! I went with a blue/green color last took me a while to get used to but I ended up loving it and got tons of compliments. I took a picture for proof :D In the end, you simply can't go wrong with a french manicure!

I hope everyone had a fun Monday!! I just found out
Betty White is hosting SNL this weekend!!

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