Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th Of July 5K!

I made a goal for myself a little while ago to run a 5k. So today at 8am...we headed over to Redondo Beach to get things started :)

This was taken as we were all lining up! (Camera phone) Tons of people....dogs & kids! Next time we must line up earlier! We had to make our way thru all the walkers...which messed up my time...but nonetheless it was fun!!!

Here we are at the end! Yes, I beat him :) At the very end I put it into high gear and flew across the finish line! We had a great time running...motivating each other. I am anxious for our next 5k!

Remember my friend, Nicole who just had a baby a couple weeks ago? Well, she decided to walk it with other Moms...well doesn't she look ahh-mazing!?  

I feel so accomplished today... I feel so proud of is such a confident booster! Another thing to cross off my LIST!!
I hope everyone is having a fun & safe holiday weekend!!


Jenny.Lee said...

Good for you!!! Great job girl!

mommy mye said...

good job :) and your friend does look freakin amazing after just having a baby a couple of WEEKs ago...geez! I hope I look half as good as her after this baby comes out :)