Sunday, July 11, 2010

101 Coffee Shop

I simply love when photographers add a some background info on each family or couple they shoot. It adds so much more to the photos! Well, when I read about this couple...from Hazelnut Photography's post...I simply had to share!

This couple met at the 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood..and wanted to come back to the spot that brought them together! This place is loaded with tons of inspiration for beautiful pictures!

I love this shot below of them sitting at the counter...

They shared their first kiss on the corner of Franklin and romantic is this!

There are many more pictures from this shoot over at
Hazelnut Photography's click on over!

Did you go back to where it all began for your engagement shoot? Do tell!!!

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mommy mye said...

awww, I love that picture of where they had their first kiss. SO romantic indeed :) the Hubs surprised me with a cruise on Christmas week and proposed on Christmas morning so we didn't do go that route for our e-pics. But this couples pics are just gorgeous!