Friday, July 16, 2010


Did you talk to your groom prior to walking down the aisle?  Our plan was to first see and talk to each other at our First Look...but I forgot some makeup that I left in our hotel room and so I had to text him...and I loved the message that was sent back to me, "I can't wait to see you beautiful."  Yep, I remembered those words...1 year later :) So, when I came across this pic below.. it brought back a special memory!

Were you tempted to text your groom ? Did you? please share!!

I was on my phone all morning receiving tons of congratulation messages...In fact my photographer snapped a couple of me in action! I couldn't stop :)

 photo: Sight Photography


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very sweet :)

LauraLou said...

We texted all more morning, and I actually wrote my last blog post as a fiance from my phone too!

Lyndsay said...

We are definitely planning to see each other before the wedding & take pictures so we don't need to do it during the party. I'm so nervous because apparently tons of people nervewracking!!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Dang it! I totally wanted to do this on our wedding day and forgot! I wanted the photog to get a shot of it, too but oh well.

I did however use my cell phone to snap a couple photos of my gown and me steaming the BM dresses that I blogged about live from our wedding venue on the morning we got married :) That was fun!