Friday, March 12, 2010

Rackets & Balls

Oh I have something exciting to share! One of my friends has started on a new adventure in her life! She has been focusing on learning everything there is to know about decorative cookies...and I think she is learning very fast! I sent her a message a couple weeks ago with the request of blue tennis rackets and balls...

I think for someone who has just started learning this tedious craft is definitely on the right path. This gift was requested for my Mother's birthday who LOVES tennis...and let me tell you how much she loved this gift! In fact she took this lovely package to a tennis match to show to all her friends..Long story short they loved them and have already requested another order! Not only did they look good, they were delicious! Click HERE to head on over the learn more about the process of making the cookies. Her blog is called, The Cookie Sheet!

Thank You Ashley for all your hard work and love you obviously put into this gift for my Mother! You are truly talented and I am so excited for you!

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