Monday, March 22, 2010

Chamilia is a Calling!

I have previously posted on Pandora Bracelets..but I think I found something I like a bit better! It's called Chamila..It is another type of charm bracelet but if you ask me...the beads are much more gorgeous! Below are just a few to show...

The closest store to me (I live in LA) is in Long Beach. So the Husband drove me down to see what this other type of bracelet is all about! First, they have a bangle type bracelet! Which I totally LOVE! How it works is..the ends twist off and you slide the beads on..You can put 2 to several beads on the bracelet to give it different looks...

I found this picture below to show how it looks with four beads on each side. The silver ball on the end is easy to adjust to give more or less room for the beads.

I also learned that Chamilia sets the stones into the beads unlike Pandora who uses glue..then over time the Pandora gems loose their shine! Another good thing is Pandora and Chamilia beads are interchangeable! So, if you already have a ton of Pandora beads..they will fit on your new Chamilia bracelet! The bangle bracelet costs approximately $60.

These bracelets would make adorable bridesmaid gifts! A bit pricey but absolutely adorable!
To find a dealer near you click here.