Friday, March 5, 2010


The Husband and I have been contemplating for the past couple weeks if we should adopt a dog. As many of you already know we have a little boy named Kingston. We love him dearly and spoil him all the time! We would love for him to have a companion..and also to rescue a dog in need.

I have many concerns though... Will Kingston be upset? Will the dogs get a long? Will the new dog like us? The thoughts just rush through my head! So, we are going forward with caution!
Have any of your adopted a dog from an agency? The application process sounds scary and tough! Any tips? Suggestions? There are soo many questions!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The shelters are so full these days and I just can't justify buying a dog at a store anymore.


Jamie said...

I think it is definitely something you should try if you think you would like another dog. I would suggest, though, finding a shelter with a program where you can bring the dog home for a few days to test the waters. There is a shelter here that calls it rent-a-pet. That way you will be able to see what happens without committing officially.

We tried to adopt a dog and when we brought him home our resident cat literally tried to kill him. Having to return that dog was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I've had in a long time but we knew we couldn't sacrifice the safety of the dog no matter how much we wanted one.

Stephanie said...

I vote yes! We had our only pup Dallas for almost 2 years when my hubby surprised me with a new pup. Loucie was rescued from an organization that saves huskies. He went through such a process for adoption, all while keeping it a secret from me. Such a sly hubby! He had to fill out the application, give them 3 letters of recommendation and go through at least 1 home visit. When we were approved we all 3 went together to pick out our new husky pup. Dallas took a bit to get use to Loucie and sometimes we still think she wonders when Lou is leaving and she'll be the only dog again, but 90% of the time they sleep together, play together and have never ever had a moment of real aggression. Lou is totally in love with her big sister Dallas and follows her everywhere! If you can take care of 1, you can take care of 2 and I think during the day when we aren't at home they do give each other companionship! Adopt another!!! :)

chelsea said...

don't be daunted by the adoption process! It is in the pup's best interests. Just be honest on the application, and the fact that you are already good doggy parents will help :) Many times, you can have your potential new pup over to see how the two will hit it off. I can tell you that our two doxies have their moments, but are inseparable, and great company for each other!

Mel said...

we adopted our first puppy, sampson, from a shelter, then 2 and a half years later adopted our second puppy, maya, from a shelter too. maya came from arkansas to connecticut, so they didnt meet before we got her. but sampson has always got along with other dogs, and they get along great! maya is learning from sampson and they play ALL the time. sometimes i do feel bad that sampson doesnt get all the attention like he used to, but trust me, they still both probably get more then they should :) its such a great thing adopting dogs and giving them a second chance