Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spanx for Men!

Some may laugh...smile...look confused..but I am really excited about this!! When I came across this info on Twitter from the well known Ryan Seacrest...I had to check it out.. Spanx has come out with line of t-shirts for men. Yes, I follow Ryan...and listen to him every morning on the radio...he makes my mornings better :)

They state it "flattens stomach, improves posture and supports lower back."

photo from Spanx website

Is your man feeling a little self conscious about his tummy and doesn't wear certain shirts due to this problem? Well, why not try one of these Spanx shirts? Now, don't get me wrong..I don't think my Husband would be one to run out to the stores and purchase one of these himself...I think he would be more open minded to trying one that was purchased for him..laying on the bed :) This may be something to check out for your wedding day!

So, hope on over to the Men's Spanx page and check it out!


Sarah Ann said...

That is so funny!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow! My fiance doesn't have this problem but I would have never thought they would come out with something like this! I love their undergarments for women.. now I see they have bathing suits. Genious!