Thursday, March 4, 2010

Free VistaPrint!

A couple weeks ago Vista Print was offering tons of free stuff! So I definitely took advantage of this offer..I decided this was the time to try out some new products... I first ordered two packages of the caricature was fun to create each family member! Not sure about Kingston's caricature...The choices were very limited. I will not be ordering these again...My Kingston must be represented correctly! :)

Next, I ordered some desk are able to choose different pictures for each month! So, I used our wedding pictures :) of course! I really like these! Good quality..they would make perfect presents for family members or for your Husband's desk at work!

Finally, I ordered several different styles of return mailing labels. These were my favorite considering how many you get in one order (140)! So, lets just say I am good for a long time!

The purple label is my favorite!

It is actually difficult to read the text in the yellow/black label. But still very pretty!

Oh how perfect are these for our St. Patricks Day cards?! These turned out great!

There are hundreds of labels to choose from! It was hard to decide which ones to pick! Amy Jean over at Relentless Bride also took advantage of some free stuff! Click on over and check out her "loot." She ordered tons of stuff for her wedding! What perfect timing!! She is also getting married this weekend!! Congratulations!!!!!!


Jules said...

I LOVE Vista Print and used them for our wedding Save The Date's and also for our labels. You cannot beat the deals.

I really like the desk calendar!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

Thanks for the shout out... i can't stop ordering free stuff from Vistaprint. its becoming an addiction!