Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mums Day!

My Mother has been so amazing these past couple of weeks...She has been driving everywhere helping me get some of the "to dos" checked off the list. So a huge thank you to my Mom :) I wish I was home with her today with the family. It's days like today....when I wished I didn't live across the country! So, a big Happy Mums Day to my Mother and all the Moms out there!!

This is a picture from my shower. My bridesmaids..Mom in the middle and I am in pink:)

Today we had our second official dance lesson..and we finally learned the entire choreography! Our instructor Lisa, video taped it for we can remember exactly all the moves! We seriously have to practice messing around :) For the first time today..I used my wedding shoes...which made the dance even harder! It was very difficult to be "graceful." But..after 2 hours of practice I think I nailed will I do in my wedding dress!!!

I also located a place back home who will clean my dress and keep it beautiful up to the day of my wedding! YAY! and Whew!

There was also a problem with our rehearsal dinner now it has been changed to the resort..not what I pictured..but it works...nobody has to drive now...and it will be a pasta meal...which is my favorite..So, stuff is coming together...and I think I'm doing a good job holding it together :)

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