Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Left to tackle..

I had one busy week at home! I met with my amazing wedding coordinator who helped me get super organized!! I met up with one of my bridesmaids who sat me down to focus on our ceremony programs. She has Illustrator which has made my life amazingly better!!

Things left to tackle...

1. I need to find a place that will clean my wedding dress. I got it off the rack...and many places say its not guaranteed. First of all what does that mean? I live in Central PA, Hershey. Anybody have any suggestions?

2. Candy Bar- Yes or No? If we do...we only plan on having 3 choices..keeping it simple. Any ideas as to where I could purchase class jars.

3. Out of town welcome bags

4. Bathroom baskets!

5. Get official guest list to Jessica over at Penned and Pretty! I already mailed her my pretty placecards!

I have much more...but if I list anything else my heart will start pounding :) So, I searched for a picture that would help me calm down... :)

photo credit: Theorie Photography

This is one gorgeous bouquet! Click here to see more from this wedding!


Nicole-Lynn said...

You have a lot going on but it seems like all fun stuff :) Enjoy it. I say yes for the candy bar!

jessica lynn said...

i am excited to get your placecards!!! :)