Friday, June 17, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner Details!

Along with my parents, we threw the dinner rehearsal for my brother's wedding. It was held at the Holiday Inn, Harrisburg, Pa. Here is a picture of the room.. Considering we never saw a picture of the room we totally lucked out and the colors we choose matched perfectly! I just couldn't believe how well everything came together! The room was set up different for the dinner.

Photo from Holiday Inn
 A while back I remember Jessica's centerpieces (Tying the Knot) and thought how perfect they would be for the dinner! So, I snatched up 5 square cube vases, 3 large and 2 small. The vases were pricey, if I would have had an IKEA nearby or had more time to search I would have been able to save $$. Besides that, the rest of the supplies were cheap!

I believe we placed three floating candles in the vase and two votives on either side. I saved the votive candles from the bridal shower and were able to use them again!  A red wine ribbon was wrapped and twisted around and super glue held it in place. I believe the ribbon width was approx 1 inch.

Above, is a picture of the smaller vase. I took this picture while we were setting up... I placed a white candle in the middle versus filling it with water. Again, the same set up with the two votive candles along with two monogram cards of which I have yet to mention. I found them FREE! over at Wedding Chicks, click HERE to take a look at them. You are able to choose from a variety of colors as well to match your theme for your event. Here is a picture of the one I created!
The centerpieces were just enough for this type of event. With all the candles lit, the room instantly warmed up. Everyone was really impressed with the monogram...if they only knew it took me 5 minutes to whip up! This will be our secret!

The night before the rehearsal, my friend Danielle came over and taught me how to bake some delicious white chocolate cupcakes and create tiny fondant flowers for that extra detail! I definitely learned alot and it was such a great time spending time with my friend!

We tried to match up the ribbon color to the fondant..and got to work! It is definitely time consuming but was totally worth it! Here is a quick pic of the cupcakes in action before all the food was brought out.

So, as I said earlier, we couldn't believe how the room matched the colors! The dark maroon chairs to the table skirts...we were just in shock! Oh and here is a picture of the invitations I put together for the rehearsal. I had tons of people come up to me and compliment how adorable they were..since we were having pasta I figured these would be perfect...  I chose silver envelopes with Martha Stewart wrap around labels.

okay, no more waiting... click to enlarge. I found these over at Eden Wedding Studio.

 And, a picture of the couple to finish off this post! My Father gave a great toast, wish I would have snapped a pic of him too! It's just too hard to do everything! :)

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