Monday, April 25, 2011

An East Coast Bridal Shower

I was back east the other weekend to throw my soon to be SIL a bridal shower! It was a beautiful day and we had about thirty guests! It was held at the Hershey Pantry, Hershey PA.

Now, lets get to all the pretty pink details!
When we arrived, they had the napkins folded like this...not exactly what I wanted but we didn't have the time to redo all of them. We placed the favor packets and place cards at each setting.

Affordable and delicate... pink daises were placed on all the tables! Tiny bling confetti (found at Pier One) were placed around the small votive candles which softened the tables.

I wanted to make a "wishing " tree and went to the florist to pick up some manzanita branches when she offered to rent me this blinged out tree ready to go! I couldn't say no! Saved me time and money! I purchased one yard of soft pink fabric to wrap around the bottom.  It turned out super nice!

An up-close shot, I found these monogram labels template over at Martha Stewart. I printed them on a pearl white and two shades of pink cardstock. Light pink ribbon finished them off! I also placed two strands of crystals on the branches.

Sweet notes of love were placed on all the cards from our guests. It looked sooo pretty! Here is a picture of the bride to be and her wishing tree :)

I created the placecards with a friend who has a cricut! We created three different sized daisy shapes and placed a pink gem in the middle. They turned out adorable! A bit time consuming but worth every second. From a previous post, I created seed packets as the favors. Instead of using seeds we placed a tea bag instead. You can find the template here. Again, everything came together so nicely.

One of my favorite details were the pink straws I snatched them up over at The Party Fairy. Tons of compliments and I had a few left over to enjoy for myself :)  The citrus water was delicious by the way!

I am not a huge fan of of the traditional "bridal shower" games so I went on a hunt for something simple, fast and different. I came across these scratch off cards over at Nifty Pear. Everyone appeared to really enjoy it and we had a couple winners in the mix! The cards were truly adorable and perfectly matched our theme of pink daisies!

About three months ago I was shopping in Anthropologie and found five bottles of hand sanitizers placed in burlap bags. I added some pink ribbon and oh my they were cute! They smelled super good too! "Pure & Good" were written on the bag. I found them in pink and an olive green. Original price $7 and I got them for $2.50 a piece! What a deal...!!

A spring salad was served and then a three tiered plate of different sandwiches was placed in the middle of the table for our guests to choose from. For dessert, a bar full of a variety of sweets! Chocolate covered strawberries, lemon squares, mini apple pies, variety of cupcakes and more!

I couldn't resist a beautiful pink I had the florist create a little something for the bride to be as a gift..The pink hydrangeas were gorgeous!

What a great day it was and we are looking forward to the wedding!
Congratulations Samantha!


Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

This is such a pretty shower! You really did a beautiful job! I LOVE the Hershey Pantry by the way, my fav breakfast stop in Hershey!

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BlingBride said...

HI I was wondering what florist you rented that awesome blingy wishing tree, I live in the Hershey area and I would LOVE to rent this tree. You can email me at