Sunday, March 6, 2011

DIY Seed Packets

I'm helping to throw a bridal shower this coming April and have been hard at work creating some nice DIY projects. I came across this free seed packet template over at Ruffled!

photo from Ruffled

They give you three different designs to work with...I couldn't make up my mind so I'm using them all! Using a light pink cardstock (The Brides favorite color) I printed off several sheets! Here are a list of items I used.

paper cutter (makes it go faster)
creaser & bone folder
self healing mat
double stick tape

 It takes a while to crease and cut them all out so maybe do a couple each night so you don't get burned out :) Here are a few pictures!

Here is a picture of the creases...which totally makes it 100% easier to fold nice and precise!

 All that is left is to fill them with flower seeds!

I am not sure what to put on the packet..possible the type of flowers seeds it will contain.. we will see! It felt good to jump into a DIY's definitely been a while!