Saturday, April 3, 2010

Travel Consultant

I wanted to share with my East Coast readers who live in Central PA about my Mother who is a 30 plus year experienced Travel Consultant. She is the owner of Leisure Tours & Cruises.

She has recently developed a website and slowly building it to her liking and will be posting a whole section on destination weddings and honeymoons. Since the economy hasn't been very good many couples are opting for the destination weddings which are typically much more affordable.

If you live in Central Pennsylvania and in need of an experience travel consultant shoot her an email or phone call. She travels multiple times a year to new resorts and hops on cruises to amazing destinations so she can be ready to give a full report.

Her new website is absolutely adorable and I'm so excited for my Mother! She hasn't done any major advertising and has always relied on word of mouth.. So, she took the leap to create a site to reach out to those who want an experienced travel consultant to assist them in making the best choices that suits their needs and wants for their best experience!


Amanda B. Young said...

Thanks girl so much for your comment on The Wedding Boutique!

Please let me know if your mom has any questions or would be interested in more information. We would love to have a travel business on board - I bet she has tons of amazing advice on planning travel for both destination weddings and honeymoons!

And, since I'll be up there - perhaps I will have to consult her when we're planning our first vacation from there! :)

Nicole said...