Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tory's Discount!

It isn't a big surprise that I have a love for handbags..One of my new favorite designers is Tory Burch. I never really took the time to check her items out till the other month and fell in love with this bag. I also learned they offer tons of discounts online on the Tory Burch website.

My Husband snatched up one of these beauties for me for Christmas! He got 25% off and free shipping! oh and not in pink but a beautiful tan color! It is perfect for travel and it fits perfect under the seat on the plane!! This pink bag would be a perfect V-Day gift though..hmmm :)

Well, they are doing it again! Spend over $300.00 and get 25% off along with free shipping! Special code is BDAY.

Thank You Tory Burch!

I think Burberry..Coach..LV..should take a step into this direction and follow Tory's lead!
Who is your favorite designer?

ADDED** a fellow blogger just sent me a link to this page..look at these adorable cookies!!! seriously!!!!! After I just posted about Tory Burch today...Small world!

wow! talk about amazing work!! Head on over to Cookie Crumbs!! This could just be the WOW factor you need at your next party!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute bag! I love tory burch sandals and flip flops :)

Nicole said...

ohhh i do need to get a pair of flip flops!

AshleyC said...

Want cookies with that bag?