Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Couple of Trips!

The Nest had a segment on "5 Trips to Take With Couple Friends." Now that most of our friends are engaged or married..these ideas would be a ton of fun!

1. Miami

The article recommends staying at the Red Rock Resort. I was there about three years ago and it was amazing! Beautiful...ugh! I can't find the words to describe it! :) The resort is minutes from downtown but it is filled with tons of activities..that we really didn't want to leave the grounds!

the pool area was gorgeous! i loved the color scheme/design used throughout the resort

we loved our room! you can see the tv up in the top left corner! Yes, soaking in the tub watching your favorite show!

The Red Rock has a bowling alley, movie theater, food court and an upscale club called Rocks Lounge. Oh and no worries it has a huge floor filled with tables to gamble your heart out!

I hope our future trips include Napa and Breckenridge!!! Has anyone been to these places before! Any advice!!?


Mrs. G said...

Ohh..thanks! That place looks awesome! We love Napa, especially since we live about an hour and a half away...tons of great places to stay, eat and drink of course. Rubicon Estate is our favorite winery (we got engaged there) and Rutherford Grille is our favorite restaurant.

LauraAnn said...

I saw that same article the other day. My husband took me skiing for the first time ever Valentine's Day weekend. Well, I LOVED it! So now we are planning a trip to Breckenridge (Vail, Aspen or Beaver Creek) for next year and are working on inviting a couple other couples to go with us.

I have been to Napa but unfortunately it was several years ago (ie- prior to me turning 21). So I don't really have much advice because I don't really remember the trip that much. But I do remember that it was absolutely beautiful out there!