Friday, February 12, 2010


Happy Valentines Day to all my blog friends!

I will be treating myself to a delicious Sprinkles Cupcake this weekend!

photo: Hazelnut Photography

I hope you all have a sweet weekend!


Amanda B. Young said...

Thanks for the comment and kind words, love! If we land in PA it will be Philly. It's actually kind of funny because originally I wasn't sure why it was even in the running - but the more I've learned about PA and the Philly area the more excited I've become about it. Definitely a great option.... but who knows -!-

And, I totally agree about moving and learning about different cultures.... PA to LA - that's pretty crazy. So far! How did you move.... by truck or by plane?

Anyway, thanks again. :) I'll be sure to post all about it once I know. Regardless, it will certainly be an adventure - that's for sure.

Jodie said...

Looks delicious! Hope you had a nice VDay. We're actually from very close to where you're from. And have visited Hershey MANY MANY MANY times... I LOVE Hershey Park!